HelpURL for Shaders

Summary Unity provides a convenient way to link custom documentation to Monobehaviours and ScriptableObjects by adding the [HelpURL] attribute to your class. When an instance of this class is selected in the Inspector users can click the help icon to open the given link in the attribute in a browser. It would be nice if we could use the same attribute also […]

Entity Relationships in Unity DOTS/ECS

Unity DOTS/ECS is powerful at processing huge amounts of operations. This performance relies on data lookup in continuous chunks, but what if you encounter dependencies between entities and have to jump between chunks? All entities should follow a moving target or entities should react to actions from another Entity? This post highlights how entities can interact with each other and what implications this has on performance.

Customizing Unity’s Project Window

Summary In this article you will learn a simple way how to customize the project window of the Unity Editor. We will create a little framework to let the user show additional columns with information about the assets. I will guide you through every step so everything should be clear even for beginners in editor […]

How to avoid the Unit-Test-Monster

Automated Testing promises higher quality code and early detection of malfunction! However when you start unit testing your code, the tests often grow into a maintenance monster.

You have heard the myth of the monster or seen it yourself ? Then this post is for you!
I’m Friedrich Wessel, Senior developer at InnoGames, and I’m going to talk about how to write unit tests inside Unity and the best practices I have learned to avoid the hungry monster.