How to make your tests more readable and maintainable

Tests should be easy to read and fun to write! In our daily business, we add new features and do refactoring or bug fixes. Every change could lead to a failing test. If we look at the failed test, we should immediately be able to understand what the test is doing. But often enough this is not the case.

In this post I will show you how we improved the readability and maintenance effort of our tests by introducing a builder-like API to prepare the test scenario.

How to avoid the Unit-Test-Monster

Automated Testing promises higher quality code and early detection of malfunction! However when you start unit testing your code, the tests often grow into a maintenance monster.

You have heard the myth of the monster or seen it yourself ? Then this post is for you!
I’m Friedrich Wessel, Senior developer at InnoGames, and I’m going to talk about how to write unit tests inside Unity and the best practices I have learned to avoid the hungry monster.