Unity`s “Performance by Default” under the hood

Introduction Around two years ago Unity published the first version of their new tech-stack regarding “Performance by default”. The big thing everybody was talking about was their new Entity-Component-System (ECS) that enabled super fast CPU-based simulations like the Boid demo and the Mega-City. The key aspects to reach this high performance are: Cache friendly memory […]

Terrain Shader in Unity

A lot of games these days are offering huge game worlds for the players to explore. Besides beautifully textured buildings, plants and creatures that inhabit your world, it is often the ground that will fill up most of the space of your scene. So, getting the visuals and performance right is important and a bit […]

Customizing Unity’s Project Window

Summary In this article you will learn a simple way how to customize the project window of the Unity Editor. We will create a little framework to let the user show additional columns with information about the assets. I will guide you through every step so everything should be clear even for beginners in editor […]

How to avoid the Unit-Test-Monster

Automated Testing promises higher quality code and early detection of malfunction! However when you start unit testing your code, the tests often grow into a maintenance monster.

You have heard the myth of the monster or seen it yourself ? Then this post is for you!
I’m Friedrich Wessel, Senior developer at InnoGames, and I’m going to talk about how to write unit tests inside Unity and the best practices I have learned to avoid the hungry monster.